• I use diapers until they start waking -up dry. When they reliably wake-up dry (or wake-up to ask to go potty), I let them go diaper free but I use plastic covers for the mattress until they are in high school… Mmm not quite… But you get the idea. My SIL wakes-up her kids when she goes to bed to let them empty their bladder. My kids sleep like rocks and this never worked for us. Most of my kids naturally became dry overnight within the same month they potty trained.

      I should have added: pee and poop may not happen in lock-step. It’s normal for children to figure out one before the other. Just stay the course.

  1. Shannon

    We put everything on hold for 4 days to train and by the end of the process our daughter was showing signs of stress about going on the potty. On day 5 we went back to diapers. Now on day 6 she only wants to wear underwear. I can’t be at home all the time, what should I do?? Force her to wear the diapers?? Thanks!

    • Hmm if she wants to wear underwear, my tendency would be to cancel everything and focus on potty training. You say that you can’t be at home all the time. Is it because you work or are your commitment somewhat flexible? It’s only for a few days if she is ready. But yes, sorry, I would recommend jumping on the opportunity because you don’t know when that door will be open next. It can be in two weeks, two months or two years. If you work, maybe her daycare provider can convince her to wear a diaper or a pull-up if this is what she requires.

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