The Podcast

1. Homeschooling. Is it for you? In my first podcast, I discuss our discernment process and the hidden facets of homeschooling that no one talks about but are the most likely to derail you.


2. In this podcast episodes I share my New Year Resolutions for 2017 and where I hope the year will go.


3. In this podcast episode, I take you through the events that led to our decision to stop homeschooling. I share the moment of clarity that led to the realization that something had to change.


4. In this episode, I rant about the inadequacy of healthcare for mothers of large families and my experience with sleep training.


5. In this episode, I revisit my experience participating in an International Woman’s Day panel hosted by Cardus.


6. This week’s podcast is a hodge-podge of topics, from why I went with crowdfunding as opposed to advertising to support my website and podcast, where my novel is at and how we can keep our dreams and fears in check.

0:00:00 to 0:08:00 – Why I’m using crowdfunding as opposed to ad revenues to support my website and podcast.

0:08:00 to 0:30:31 – My novel: what it’s about, where it’s at and my current struggles

0:30:31 to 0:33:41 – On the blog: what I’m currently writing.

0:33:40 to 0:46:02 – Keeping our dreams alive even when they don’t make sense

0:46:02 to 0:51:00 – Fear as a measure of the importance of our projects

0:51:00 to 1:05:05 – Confidence in ourselves as a gift to others


7. In episode 10 of The Véro Show, I reflect on giving away things we still (think we) need, how my children are doing in school, and knowing when to say yes and when to say no to commitments.

0:00:30 – Intro and new patrons shout-out
0:07:30 – Giving until it hurts
0:18:00 – How my children are doing in school
0:34:00 – The Lumineers show and standing up for oneself by literally standing up.
0:43:00 – What if I don’t want a mediocre life?
0:52:00 – Prioritizing our commitments to get out of the “tyranny of the urgent.”