1. lillie

    Interesting post!

    My husband set us up with a vpn so that we can watch British television and we do so almost exclusively. I abhor Canadian content with a passion, on radio, television, you name it. We have horrible television programming in Canada, in my opinion. Our supposed best does not come close to the worst BBC documentaries. So my Smart TV thinks it is British! It’s great.

    Mind you, my mother in law in England does have a small box running in her front hallway that makes this all possible, but as long as she remembers not to unplug it to run the vacuum, it works (and its free). Well, she pays a license, we get the digital component by tapping in.

    You can buy a VPN without a British mother in law, I would recommend looking into it. Downton Abby and Call the Midwife are only the beginning.

    As for the Spanish series… how cool! I am half Spanish (from Spain, not S. America) and we are planning an extended stay there ( with four under six!) so your post is of great interest.

    Your blog is always a pleasure.

    • Isn’t Canadian tv ridiculous?!?

      Extended stay in Spain, that makes me dream. I started learning Spanish in high school and I have enough of an inclination for language to have kept up some notions. Now I’m learning again using the Duolingo app and hoping to start reading later this year. I learned all my English by reading novels with a dictionary so I’m hoping to repeat the feat with Spanish.

      Thanks for your comment, it’s always nice to hear from you!

  2. lillie

    Hey Veronique, I am reading the book that Call the Midwife is based on. It is by 50s /60s London midwife Jennifer Worth. it is called The Midwife. Fascinating social and medical history. Really interesting. I think you might like it.

  3. lillie

    Thanks, Veronique. Just bought a 7 yr old Dutailier, used for one child, looks new and we got it in our house and suddenly it squacks and squeeks like… like I don’t know. A hundred ducks and squirrels fighting over a muffin. Very. Big. Sigh.

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