1. Elisabeth Delaporte

    La prochaine fois tu iras voir ton frère…. et ce sera gratuit. Ta photo est magnifique et oui, on te reconnait bien. Bisous.

  2. What an inspiring (though somewhat frustratingly familiar), anecdote, Véronique; and, I am relieved to read the true meaning of your post’s title refers to the photo shoot – right!?
    The “significant lump” in your throat…been there!
    You’ve got this, beautiful woman! 😉

    • Yes! The title refers to the photo shoot! The first title was “Getting my head shot” but I thought it was a little too graphic. “Just shoot me” is also an expression that people use when they are at their wits-end so I thought it was evocative of my state of mind at the time!

  3. Gillian

    You are beautiful Veronique! I so appreciate your honesty and sense of humour. I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you put being present above being ” buffed and polished”. You ar an inspiration!

  4. Kara

    This is a lovely picture of you, and it is definitely you, but you look even better in real life–which is awesome!

  5. Jaclyn

    Soooo you’re telling me that you can throw your hair in a ponytail (with a little melted plastic), and wear virtually no makeup, and still look that good? No fair.

  6. “And this is exactly what I look like” – is beautiful! You. Are. A. Beautiful. Woman. !!!

    (And by the way, I never wear make-up unless my husband is driving and I am able to put on mascara in the car, because I sure don’t have time before leaving.)

  7. Love this: “She’s right isn’t she? I don’t wear make-up because it bugs me. I don’t have nice clothes because I hate shopping. I’d rather spend my time writing, playing music and answering emails about parenting struggles and victories. I’m not at an age and stage where I can look polished and be a decent human being at the same time. Every morning, I choose being present and un-rushed to being properly dressed and styled because being-both-level has not been unlocked yet. This is who I am.”

    While the things I’d rather be doing are different, this is also how I feel. (One way to work around this is to make a trip once a year to an outlet mall somewhere in Syracuse and you know you are there for one reason only–to stock up on clothing! I know the CAD is bad but the principle is you have travelled far, NOW SHOP!!”

    PS you look great, and I’ve always thought that… for what it’s worth!

    • You should tak me to Syracuse next time. I can’t shop by myself, it’s a curse. I need a personal shopper, it’s the first thing I’m splurging on when I make my first million (hahahaha)

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