Friday’s Mixed Nuts on a Saturday (scratch that, it’s Sunday)

… Because if it wasn’t late and half-baked, it would be worrisome. Gah…

1 One question Rest-of-Canadians should ask about the so-called “student unrest” in Quebec is not “Why are Quebeckers so upset over such an insignificant tuition fee increase?” but rather “Why is such an insignificant tuition fee increase causing so much upset?” Rest-of-Canadians should not underestimate Quebec’s frustration with its political class. While I have more than a few bones to pick with the Quebec protests — or at least the reasons underlying it — the fact that we still have enough humph to rise-up and protest incompetence and corruption in our political leaders gives me hope. I just wish that students would vote rather than try to fell a government from the street.

2 Two deranged killers, one thing in common: a predilection for the sewers of the Internet where one can find endless “real gore” and “real underage rape.” Many believe that porn and descriptions of sexually deviant behavior is a personal thing, victimless crimes. Until a little girl (or a Chinese student) finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time the day the Internet no longer provides the required kick. Deviant is deviant.

3 (On a much lighter note) Three ways to wear a wig. June is “Dance Recital Month.” I used to call it “Set Your Hair on Fire Crazy Recital Month” but that was back in the days when I had three daughters in dance, in two different schools, and  none of them could do their own hair and make-up. Nowadays I have one daughter left in dance, she can do her own hair and make-up and only requires to be driven, although even that is in its dying days (counting. the. sleeps.) I took my two youngest daughters out of dance because of the oversexed undertones of the dancing culture. Think I’m making this up?

This is a dance practice outfit, sold with a straight face to children under 12
And here’s another one if you thought the first one was a fluke

My oldest daughter is doing Irish dancing where, thank goodness, it’s still mostly about the steps although I do have issues with the whole fake-hair thing. See, competitive Irish dancers are required to sport oodles of dangling ringlets. My daughter, being 1/4 Chinese, has the same bouncy ringlets traditionally seen on Chinese people… Yeah, so she wears a wig.

See? Isn’t she gorgeous?

The great thing about the wig is that it makes Awesome-Dress-Up props once the Irish dancer is done with it:

Aren’t I pretty?
See how it matches my natural hair color?
Here mom, try it!!