Friday’s Mixed Nuts

1 One motion in the House of Commons that promises to cause much hand wringing  is the motion presented by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth. Woodworth proposes to review Section 223 of the Criminal Code that states that a child becomes a human being only once it proceeds, in a living state, from the body of its mother. Already, some commentators are raising the specter of “reopening the debate on abortion.” As a student of law and bioethics, I am always puzzled when people who are convinced to be on the right side of an issue refuse to debate it, especially when issues of life, death and the definition of humanity and personhood are at stake. It’s not like we didn’t get it wrong before, right Women and Black People?

2 Two Much Information, maybe… But did you know that nothing beats pink eye (conjunctivitis) like breast milk? And because breast milk is such an amazing element, you can squirt it directly in the baby’s eyes without the baby noticing anything? True story. It comes out at body temperature and the right pH. You can read more about the amazing antibacterial properties of breast milk here. When they say that breast milk is the best food for infants, what they mean is that nothing comes close. And when the can of formula  claims that it is “Our closest formula to breast milk” what it means is that nearly 100 years of nutrition research has yielded a formula that is as close to breast milk as a woman is close to a cow… Which may be closer than you think. Here is Amy Darroch, a young organic dairy farmer, talking to Chatelaine about her cows’ personalities:

Farming is so entertaining because of all the different characters in a herd. There are “boss cows” that are a little mean. Some drive you nuts by swatting you with their tails. Others are ridiculously friendly and like to lick you. The “divas” are proper girls who don’t like walking through the mud. Some love being filthy dirty. The “show cows” know they’re beautiful and
like to flaunt it.

Sounds a lot like my Facebook News Feed…

3 Three year-old in a puddle. Slideshow with captions. Just to make you like me again after broaching two Internet no-go topics…