December Mixed Nuts

It’s been one nutty month! January is coming and we will be making some important changes to our family routine to make it more manageable. Or, more accurately, to make it more manageable by happy, competent parents. Right now we are grouchy, unhealthy, harried and exhausted parents.

(1) One thing we are doing well by necessity is Advent. No, we haven’t figured out the Jesse Tree or even the Advent calendar. We don’t even have an Advent wreath this year! The twins are 15 months and I am more tired and overwhelmed on a year of sleep deprivation than I was after 3 months (fancy that!). What we have achieved through being too busy to worry is a very simple lead-up to Christmas. “What?” you ask, “Why a simple lead-up to Christmas?” Well, because we are Catholics and this is how it was meant to be. Here is a catchy little video that explains what Advent is about. My favorite part? “If you are sick of Christmas by December 25th, you didn’t do Advent correctly!” We must have done something right then!

(2) Two Christmas dance open house(s)…. My oldest daughter started teaching Irish dancing this year and I wasn’t able to attend her first open house as a teacher but I did attend her dance class. I don’t have digital pictures of her first Christmas open house, 10 years ago or I would post a “This was then, this is now” I am so, so proud of my children. No words can describe this feeling. Here’s a little reel for the season (or a hornpipe? I feel like I should know…)

(3) Three … O Christmas Tree. My son told me this joke and because I’m a French speaker, it took me a while to “get” it: Why couldn’t the French man count to 10?” – “Because there’s a ‘tree’ in the way”… Ok, ok. We took an afternoon to go to our country acreage and chop down a piece of evergreen. The tree is too floppy to carry light garlands but it is unique. It’s ours.

First snowfall. Time to get a tree!
First snowfall. Time to get a tree!
On our way to find a tree
On our way to find a tree
This is part of the bluff where our house will be built.
This is part of the bluff where our house will be built.
Having fun in the sleigh
Having fun in the sleigh
Coming home!
Coming home
Eve is helping
Eve is helping

(4) Four days of intense batch cooking. I subscribed to Once a Month Mom, a meal planning tool that takes the thinking out of batch/freezer cooking. The “Once a Month” is for a “normal” family of four. For a family of 10, it’s an exhausting 4 day kitchen marathon. It would have been worth it except that our oven is broken and our landlord unresponsive. My freezers are full, FULL, and I’m still making supper from scratch almost every day. But the recipes from the Whole Food menu are delicious. I plan to write a full review post soon. In the mean time, here are my two middle daughters making tortillas from scratch. Adjusted for a family of 10, it starts with “Pour 27 cups of flour into a large bowl.”

Making tortilla from scratch with a big bowl!
Making tortilla from scratch with a big bowl!

(5) Five older children got a special treat this season. The Parliamentary Dining Room is a fine restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Centre Block of Parliament. It is accessible to Members of Parliament, Senators, and selected members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Once a year, it opens its doors to Parliament staff and their guests. This is the second time that my husband and I treat our older children to the Christmas buffet at the Parliamentary Dining Room. We leave the littles with my mother and we have some good civilized fun with our table-mannered children.

Some fine looking young people
Some fine looking young people
"So then I told Transport Canada 'Why don't we regulate more stringent car seat guidelines every year. It will prevent people from passing them on and recycling them' Our bottom line could use a boost... Get it? A boost!"
“So then I told Transport Canada ‘Why don’t we regulate more stringent car seat guidelines every year. It will prevent people from passing them on and recycling them’ Our bottom line could use a boost… Get it? A boost!”
Drama in the vintage wood-paneled elevator
Drama in the vintage wood-paneled elevator
The Rotunda in Centre Block: All decked-out!
The Rotunda in Centre Block: All decked-out!


So That’s what we did this Advent season. What about you?

Beauty and the gargoyles
Beauty and the gargoyles

Friday’s Mixed Nuts

1 One long woven piece of cloth is all I need to get around with the twins. It takes up a lot less space than a double stroller and the babies are happier in there. They are getting heavy now at 20 lbs a piece and I can only wear them comfortably for 30-45 minutes. Read more about the weird and wonderful world of woven wraps by following this link to The Weird and Wonderful World of Woven Wraps


On our way grocery shopping!

2 Two baby carriers (one woven wrap and a Boba structured carrier) replaced one double stroller and two high chairs on a recent overnight trip. That’s what I call efficient use of space. Who said that traveling with baby required a semi-trailer?

On our way out! Nobody is crawling on dirty floors here! Or licking public bathroom doors!
At breakfast at the Sleep Inn, high chairs need not apply. Not that they had any.
Restrained by a strategically placed woven wrap
Restrained by the Boba carrier

3 Three slow cheers for me: After a great month of August and beginning of September, I had achieved my goal of running 4 times a week, twice 10 km, one fast 6 km and a long 15 km. I was also going to the pool twice a week. Heck, I was even running 4km to the pool and back! I had energy despite the lack of sleep, I felt great. Then the twins went through a hell of a teething and cold episode and I stopped sleeping completely for a few weeks. It’s been almost two months of no exercise and my energy is in the tank, my sleep patterns are shot  and my spirits are low. I have started gaining weight again. It’s time for the proverbial kick in the you-know-where!

4 Four Crying Out Loud David Petraeus! What is to be concluded when a charismatic and uniquely talented individual throws away a brilliant career based on his strategic judgement and acumen, a career rooted in reliability and trustworthiness, loyalty and commitment to his country, for an extra-marital affair? That fame and power pale on the scale of human needs compared to love and affection? That the smartest people are not always that smart? If the director of the CIA conducts an affair over a Gmail account, what hope is there for the rest of us?

5 Five (sarcastic) fingers way up for Canadians who are indebted to record levels, and even higher for the analysts I overheard on the radio saying that it wasn’t such a big deal since default rates remained relatively low. Basically saying that Canadians may own less than they owe but hey, no biggy. There is no need to worry until the collection agencies are calling. In Kelly McPharland’s words:

“Joe Average Canadian now owes $26,768 (on top of the mortgage, remember). Worse, Joe’s carrying $3,573 on his credit card, which is just flat-out nuts unless you consider being gouged at usurious interest rates a boon to society


But Canadians? Hey, we’re not worried. Income growth is stagnant, the housing market is cooling (meaning we’re not as rich as we think we are) and Flaherty says he can’t balance the budget after all because commodity prices are suffering. But people are still managing to cover the monthly payments, so why worry? We’re already borrowing four times faster than the rate of inflation, and Christmas is coming, so let’s all just stick that concern in a sock and put it in a drawer until later.”

So as Christmas approaches, I would like to remind you that your children don’t need nearly as much stuff as you think they do.

Faits divers du vendredi un lundi matin

1 Une motion qui promettait de faire couler beaucoup d’encre. Chose promise, chose due. La motion 312 présentée à la Chambre des Communes par le député Stephen Woodworth demandait la création d’un comité parlementaire afin d’étudier si la définition d’« être humain » du Code criminel devrait être élargie afin d’inclure le fetus. Si vous lisez les journeaux et partuculièrement les média sociaux, vous pensez probablement que le vote de la semaine dernière était sur la criminalisation de l’avortement. En fait, la plupart de mes connections Facebook pensent que le vote de la semaine dernière était directement sur la criminalisation de l’avortement. Vous ne lirez pas cette mise-au-clair souvent mais en tant que juriste formée en bioéthique il m’importe que les débats et discussions publiques sur les enjeux de cette envergure soient définis de manière claire, précise et non-partisane. La motion 312, qui soit dit-en-passant n’a pas été acceptée, demandait une réflection sur la définition d’être humain dans le contexte du Code criminel canadien. La ministre du Statut de la femme qui a voté en faveur de la motion 312 n’a pas voté “contre l’avortement” tel que plusieurs le pensent mais en faveur d’une discussion publique sur la valeur éthique et légale du fetus. On peut avoir des opinions bien ancrées sur le sujet, mais ça ne devrait pas excuser les pires accès de démagogie et d’aveuglement volontaire. Vous êtes tous des adultes intelligents. Évidemment. Puisque vous lisez mon blogue, he, he.

2 Deux nouvelles qui m’incitent à vous donner un petit cour de procédure parlementaire et un coup d’oeuil dans le fonctionnemetn d’un bureau de député. La semaine dernière, le ministre de l’Immigration et de la citoyenneté Jason Kenney a fait la manchette lorsque son bureau a envoyé un courriel vantant le travail du gouvernement canadien dans l’avancement des droits des gais et lesbiennes sur la scène internationale. Le email en question, qui ciblait les gais et lesbiennes canadiens, a été mal reçu, les récipiendaires se demandant entre autre comment le gouvernement savait qu’ils étaient homosexuels. Ceci me ramène à la deuxième nouvelle qui était en fait la première, la motion 312 et les “pétitions” demandant à un député ou ministre de voter pour ou contre quelque chose, de faire ou de ne pas faire quelque chose, d’avancer ou d’ignorer une cause ou une autre. Lorsque vous signez une pétition en-ligne, ce que vous faites en réalité c’est envoyer une lettre formulaïque contenant votre nom et votre adresse email à un député, parfois le votre (si la “pétition” vous demande votre code postal), parfois les 308. Une véritable pétition doit être soumise à la Chambre par un député après avoir été aprouvée par le clerc des pétitions pour sa véracité et sa conformité. Lorsque vous signez une pétition en-ligne, vous envoyez votre nom et votre adresse ainsi qu’un polaroid de la cause qui vous tient à coeur à des politiciens qui sont toujours à la recherche d’un moyen de se faire connaître et d’établir un contact avec l’électorat. En d’autre mots, Jason Kenney sait que vous êtes gais et que les droits des gais vous tiennent à coeur car vous lui avez dit. Et il peut vous rejoindre car vous lui avez envoyé votre adresse courriel. La pétition que vous avez signé disait sans doute quelque chose comme “Cher Ministre Kenney, je suis gai et les droits des gais me tiennent à coeur. Voilà pourquoi… bla, bla, bla…” Vous ne vous en rapellez sans doute pas car comme 200% des gens qui envoient ce genre de lettre, vous ne l’avez pas lue.Voilà. C’est simple, non?

3 Trois jours par semaine, 5 heures par jour, c’est mon horaire de travail. C’est tout juste faisable avec une grande famille mais évidemment, on ne peut soudainement perdre 15 heures à sa semaine sans en subir les conséquences. Le pliage des vêtements propres semble être passé par la fenêtre. Ouch…

5 jours de lavage propre pour 10 personnes, ça ressemble à ça.

4 Quatre pattes, non les jumeaux ne marchent pas encore. Et c’est parfait comme ça! (Mais ce ne sera pas long).

5 Cinq  doigts bien hauts (“high five”) si vous vous êtes rendus à la fin de cet article malgré la mention d’un débat sur l’avortement et du Ministre de l’Immigration. Vous démontrez une maturité et une ouverture d’esprit notable.  Vous vous méritez une petite visite de relaxation sur You Tube pour aller rire des frasques de mon fils aîné:

Le retour des faits divers

1 Une bête noire — c’est-à-dire un “pet peeve” en anglais : les acteurs, chanteurs et autres personnalités des arts et spectacles qui utilisent leur popularité pour nous dire comment voter. Comme ça:

Bête noire #2675

Ce n’est pas parce que les vedettes n’ont pas le droit à leur opinion. Quoi? Tu as écris ou interprété une chanson populaire? Les gens aiment le son de ta voix, les arrangements de tes chansons? Mon frère chante bien aussi mais personne ne lui demande pour qui il vote. La popularité artistique n’est pas un gage de jugement politique, ça m’emmerde quand les gens se donne le droit de se mêler de mon droit de vote parce que les électeurs ont acheté leur album (ou vu leur film).

2 Deux-ième bête noire (tant qu’a y être et parce que Marie-Denise m’en donne une si belle occasion). “Il est à peu près temps qu’on fasse confiance à une femme pour gouverner le Québec…”? Pourquoi? Juste parce qu’elle a des ovaires au lieu des couilles? Comment est-ce que les organes de Pauline la rendent plus apte à gouverner que ceux de Jean ou de François? Voter pour Françoise David ou Pauline Marois c’est donc équivalent? Peut-être qu’il est temps que le Québec fasse confiance à une personne de principe? Quelqu’un avec un leadership solide? Quelqu’un avec une intégrité indiscutable? J’sais pas… Ça vaudrait peut-être la peine d’essayer Québec?

3 Trois jours avant la rentrée scolaire! Ma plus vieille me disait hier: “Je m’ennuie du temps où l’été était interminable. Aujourd’hui, c’est comme si j’avais pris la fin de semaine de congé et je retourne à un casier différent.” Et oui, c’est un signe du temps qui passe et des années qui s’accumulent: les jours passent comme des minutes et les mois comme des jour.

Derniers lambeaux du mois d’août


4 Quatre semaines avant le premier anniversaire des jumeaux. Parlant de temps qui passe. Il semble qu’hier j’étais enceinte de 35 semaines, en plein mois d’août, dans la chaleur. Puis c’était la mi-septembre et je ne me rappelle de presque rien. Heureusement que j’ai pris une tonne de photos!

11 mois et finalement mobiles (quoique ça ne m’ait pas manqué)

5 Cinq doigts bien hauts pour ma grande fille de 10 ans à qui j’ai demandé qui méritait un “High Five” et qui a répondu “moi!” C’est vrai qu’elle le mérite: elle s’occupe bien des plus petits et réussi à les faire coopérer là où d’autres se cassent le nez. La voilà en train de finir le maquillage de sa petite sœur .


Sunset Ceremony: Life in Ottawa

I mentioned in a previous post that the heroism in raising a large family is not always the endless march of chores (although it is relentless) but the ability to stop, breathe and do anything else than laundry, cooking and cleaning. When the children were younger… Let me rephrase that… When my older children were younger and we only had 4, we would go for hikes in the Gatineau Park, attend free family events in the Capital, visit museums, organize camping trips and get-togethers with friends. Since the fifth child, and even more since the sixth, we stopped doing anything but driving, cooking, cleaning… and oh, moving a few times too.

This week, my oldest daughter asked if we could attend the Sunset Ceremony at the RCMP musical ride headquarters. Once a year, the RCMP Musical Ride puts on a free show in Ottawa before leaving on their summer tour. Attending requires some wit as parking is limited and the best seats go quickly. We prefer to park at the Aviation Museum and walk 15 minutes (adult pace). Ideally, we would bring lawn chairs and a picnic and camp there no later than 6:00-6:30. The show ends at sunset with the lowering of the Canadian flag. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate Canadian culture and heritage and to teach the children about flag etiquette (because you know… more culture is better than less.) “Yes, every flag has to be lowered at sunset and put away.” “Yes, even the flag hanging off the neighbour’s front porch…”

This year, we were treated to a performance by the Canadian Sky Hawks, complete with wind change and crowd landing. I ended-up under a Sky Hawk parachute on Canada Day as a child. Memories… Now I watch the size of their boots and the speed of their descent and shudder.That being said, I was giddy as a little girl this week as we waited for the Hercules to drop its high performing cargo. I told my daughter: “There’s a fascinating mix of anal retentiveness and recklessness: they have to be obsessive about their kits and jump drills, yet they jump off a plane and do unnatural stunts with a parachute.” I could never take that step off the Hercules.

Friday’s Mixed Nuts on a Saturday (scratch that, it’s Sunday)

… Because if it wasn’t late and half-baked, it would be worrisome. Gah…

1 One question Rest-of-Canadians should ask about the so-called “student unrest” in Quebec is not “Why are Quebeckers so upset over such an insignificant tuition fee increase?” but rather “Why is such an insignificant tuition fee increase causing so much upset?” Rest-of-Canadians should not underestimate Quebec’s frustration with its political class. While I have more than a few bones to pick with the Quebec protests — or at least the reasons underlying it — the fact that we still have enough humph to rise-up and protest incompetence and corruption in our political leaders gives me hope. I just wish that students would vote rather than try to fell a government from the street.

2 Two deranged killers, one thing in common: a predilection for the sewers of the Internet where one can find endless “real gore” and “real underage rape.” Many believe that porn and descriptions of sexually deviant behavior is a personal thing, victimless crimes. Until a little girl (or a Chinese student) finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time the day the Internet no longer provides the required kick. Deviant is deviant.

3 (On a much lighter note) Three ways to wear a wig. June is “Dance Recital Month.” I used to call it “Set Your Hair on Fire Crazy Recital Month” but that was back in the days when I had three daughters in dance, in two different schools, and  none of them could do their own hair and make-up. Nowadays I have one daughter left in dance, she can do her own hair and make-up and only requires to be driven, although even that is in its dying days (counting. the. sleeps.) I took my two youngest daughters out of dance because of the oversexed undertones of the dancing culture. Think I’m making this up?

This is a dance practice outfit, sold with a straight face to children under 12
And here’s another one if you thought the first one was a fluke

My oldest daughter is doing Irish dancing where, thank goodness, it’s still mostly about the steps although I do have issues with the whole fake-hair thing. See, competitive Irish dancers are required to sport oodles of dangling ringlets. My daughter, being 1/4 Chinese, has the same bouncy ringlets traditionally seen on Chinese people… Yeah, so she wears a wig.

See? Isn’t she gorgeous?

The great thing about the wig is that it makes Awesome-Dress-Up props once the Irish dancer is done with it:

Aren’t I pretty?
See how it matches my natural hair color?
Here mom, try it!!

Faits divers du vendredi

For my English readers: return of the Friday Mixed Nuts in French. Amber teething necklaces, the family bed and making time to treat our oldest children to some grown-up time. In other news, we are moving in 4 days and the wine is packed!! The wine! Packed! In the middle of a move!

1 Une gimmick (peut-être) qui semble marcher: les colliers de dentition en ambre. Les bébés ne les mangent pas, non. Mais l’ambre relâcherait une substance qui serait absorbée par la peau et qui calmerait la douleur. Mmmm, l’écrire me fait sentir un peu loufoque mais après deux semaines sans sommeil — Lucas pleure à partir de minuit et se rendort vers 3-4 heures du matin — je suis prête à essayer n’importe quoi. Puis ils sont si mignons avec leurs colliers!

Est-ce que ça marche? Peut-être que non mais ils sont si mignons!

2 Deux petits matelas à côté de mon lit. Après avoir démonté les lits à barreaux pour le déménagement, mon mari a placé les matelas des bébés sur le sol à côté du nôtre. Résultat: tout le monde dort par terre et maman ne se lève plus la nuit. C’est une amélioration marginale mais au point où j’en suis, même une amélioration marginale fait une différence. Puis ma fille de 3 ans a commencé à se réveiller de plus en plus souvent et à prendre de plus en plus de temps à se rendormir. Alors je vais ajouter un matelas simple au bout de notre matelas King et nous serons full “lit familial”. Je ne sais pas si c’est l’âge, la sagesse ou un peu des deux mais la théorie du maternage de proximité devient de plus en plus naturelle: je n’ai plus envie de me battre avec mes enfants.

Le lit familial: loin d’être oppressant, c’est le sauveur de mes 3 heures de sommeil!

3 Trois enfants de moins de 3 ans, c’est beaucoup de petits à amener en voyage-éclair dans la banlieue de Toronto pour une compétition de gymnastique. Mais pendant ce temps, mon mari et mes plus vieux ont pu faire un pas de géant dans les préparations du déménagement. Séparer les enfants a fait du bien à tout le monde. Ça peut sembler évident mais il est facile d’oublier, au milieu du chaos quotidien, que nos enfants ont des rythmes et des besoins différents. Nous nous sommes promis de mieux respecter nos plus vieux. Aujourd’hui j’ai laissé tomber la routine et j’ai amené mon ado profiter du Happy Hour chez Starbucks. Ç’a l’air de rien un Frappucino mais pour moi c’était un grand pas.

4 Quatre jours avant le grand déménagement! Et oui, on lève les pattes.  La maison ressemble à un entrepôt géant et je suis sur le point de perdre la boule… Et le vin est déjà empaqueté!

Le vin est dans une boîte! En plein déménagement!!

5 Cinq… Je n’ai pas de numéro cinq alors c’est avec les cinq doigts de ma main que je vous dis au revoir et vous souhaite une excellente fin de semaine!

Random Bullets

  • It’s really nice when sports teams offer to pack your groceries at Superstore as a fundraiser, especially since the cashiers are not always helpful. But somebody should tell them not to pack heavy items on top of the bananas. Or the brie.
  • I must be Superwoman. I saw an ad for Canesten, the yeast infection treatment. It ends like this “… so when it’s your turn to do the carpool, you can!” Really? Who write these ads? Don Draper? Because let’s agree that a yeast infection is a real pain in the — ahem — ladyparts. But it’s not exactly an incapacitating condition.
  • Lucas’ pajamas — size 0-3 months — have anti-skid appliques at the bottom of the feet. Where do you think he’s going fast?

    Lucas, going places fast with anti-skid sleepwear!
  • Summer dresses are out in force on clothes racks and I love dresses. As I stroll through the shopping malls — well, more like the Joe Fresh aisle at Superstore — I have to keep reminding myself that summer dresses are totally inappropriate for nursing mothers. And once again this year I will give it a pass. Unless I decide to forgo my abhorrence to spend more than $49.99 on a piece of clothing and give this Boob dress a try (for $135… not gonna happen, but it was nice thinking about it!):
  • My children had a blast the other day when one asked:

Did you know that there are 200 fingers and toes in our family?

Big families are so cool!!

Friday’s Mixed Nuts

1 One motion in the House of Commons that promises to cause much hand wringing  is the motion presented by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth. Woodworth proposes to review Section 223 of the Criminal Code that states that a child becomes a human being only once it proceeds, in a living state, from the body of its mother. Already, some commentators are raising the specter of “reopening the debate on abortion.” As a student of law and bioethics, I am always puzzled when people who are convinced to be on the right side of an issue refuse to debate it, especially when issues of life, death and the definition of humanity and personhood are at stake. It’s not like we didn’t get it wrong before, right Women and Black People?

2 Two Much Information, maybe… But did you know that nothing beats pink eye (conjunctivitis) like breast milk? And because breast milk is such an amazing element, you can squirt it directly in the baby’s eyes without the baby noticing anything? True story. It comes out at body temperature and the right pH. You can read more about the amazing antibacterial properties of breast milk here. When they say that breast milk is the best food for infants, what they mean is that nothing comes close. And when the can of formula  claims that it is “Our closest formula to breast milk” what it means is that nearly 100 years of nutrition research has yielded a formula that is as close to breast milk as a woman is close to a cow… Which may be closer than you think. Here is Amy Darroch, a young organic dairy farmer, talking to Chatelaine about her cows’ personalities:

Farming is so entertaining because of all the different characters in a herd. There are “boss cows” that are a little mean. Some drive you nuts by swatting you with their tails. Others are ridiculously friendly and like to lick you. The “divas” are proper girls who don’t like walking through the mud. Some love being filthy dirty. The “show cows” know they’re beautiful and
like to flaunt it.

Sounds a lot like my Facebook News Feed…

3 Three year-old in a puddle. Slideshow with captions. Just to make you like me again after broaching two Internet no-go topics…

Random Bullets

Pour mes lecteurs francophones: voici un ramassis d’articles de journaux qui ont attiré mon attention cette semaine.

Here is a random list of news articles that grabbed my attention this week: (and speaking of newspapers, these warning labels are too brilliant not to mention)

  • Wondering about the state of maturity? Of all the sound arguments in favour of delaying massive cuts to the federal public service during a fragile economic recovery, the Public Service Alliance of Canada chooses to be remembered with this one: Stephen Harper hates me. Nice one PSAC, real mature. In fact, it’s such a childish and emotionally-stunted way of spending your union fees that my 14-year-old son, upon seeing this picture, said in a commercial announcer’s voice: Introducing decreasing maturity! Ranging from toddler to man-child! Note to John Gordon, National President of PSAC: when a 14-year-old thinks you’re immature, it’s time to call your office.
  • Speaking of man-child, I hate to give a dead guy — or his grieving relatives — a hard time but for crying out loud! 8 children with 5 girlfriends at 27, two of them born of the same girl on the same year when he was 15? This guy should have been a sect leader!
  • Still wondering about the state of maturity? Read this piece about Jonathan Leblond, an inspiring young man. His victory-over-tragedy story is inspiring not only for his courage in the face of danger but for how he overcame what would have left many in shambles. I never met Jonathan in person but his path crossed mine at work. I was moved and inspired by his wisdom then, not even knowing what had happened to his family. Reading this piece made me thankful for the twists of fate that make us encounter extraordinary people through ordinary circumstances.
  • And finally, are you worried about the erosion of civil liberties and privacy in Western societies? Do you have concerns over government bills such as bill C-30 which you probably haven’t read and wouldn’t understand anyway? Me too. When Someone in government tells me that those who have nothing to hide shouldn’t worry about online privacy, I wonder “But how will I know if I have something to hide?” I bet you that Jessie Sansone didn’t know he had something to hide until he was arrested, strip-searched and had his children apprehended by Children’s Aid.  This article on the Sansone incident by John Robson should send chills up your spine. I would drop the Twittering about what may happen and start worrying about what’s already here.