Virtual Open Mic: What’s that?

There’s a new category on my blog, the “Virtual Open Mic.” What is that?

Last January, I made the New Year resolution to participate in an open mic event. The goal was to overcome my very deep-set fear of being seen and heard. Let me tell you, it’s very hard to grow as a creative person when you are deathly afraid of being vulnerable. Since music is by far the medium that makes me feel the most exposed, I decided to fight fire with fire and try to sing in public.

When I looked into the open mic scene in Ottawa, I learned that venues use open mic events to draw clients on typically slow times. Typically slow times are times when normal people do what normal people do on weekdays evenings or Sunday afternoons instead of going out in bars. See for yourself.

Since the open mic scene in Ottawa is making it really easy for me to wriggle out of a potentially mortifying situation, I decided to create an Instagram account and a dedicated corner on my blog for my virtual open mic. If you would like to participate in my virtual open mic, send me a line. Maybe we can make something fun out of this, with testimonies, personal stories and music. Let’s see where this go, shall we?


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