3 thoughts on “New podcast after a long break: what I’ve been up to

  1. Actually I thought the format of this episode was great. 30 minutes is an easier chunk of time to manage to listen to for me than 45 minutes to an hour. It still allows you to cover one subject fairly in depth, and it keeps you focused on that subject, so overall it feels more straightforward than when several subjects are covered in one podcast. And maybe the shorter length would be easier for you to manage for now while you are so busy. I am sure you will get your mojo back. You were very brave to recognise things weren’t working and to make changes. You just need to find your feet now, and when it happens, this uncomfortable time will have strengthened you. I wish you all the best, you are doing great juggling everything you do.

  2. Véro, YOU ARE doing too much! And, sorry to suggest, it’s time to get busier – WITH the whole family.
    It’s time for a serious family talk with your husband at your side and the Holy Spirit within.
    Your children LOVE you, and so must honour you, respect you, AND each other.
    They want you healthy – right? Content – true? And with a well, sound mind – yes?
    Have you trained them to do laundry, for example? Yes, even Mr. 11 years old. Understanding that you may have to supervise for a couple weeks before they can do it on there own,
    starting from just bringing down, and up, the laundry to sorting, washing, drying, lint removal, folding right away – then you don’t have to iron 🙂 and putting clothing away?
    This made ME really content.
    How about designating teams for lunch prep? So, yes, you need to keep the fridge stocked and organized.
    Who takes out the trash, recycles?
    How about training your little sous chef, a slicer, a stirrer, even let all to put their own dirty dishes in the machine, or washing immediately (let the air dry them); why wet more towels, right?
    Momma needs a creative and intellectual outlet too, you know people!
    I’m talking to myself here too.
    Ok, Véro, I have an idea for your next project – the interdependent family (this subject is close to my heart); I look forward to hearing, reading and viewing some ideas which you will take on, in your family, so that you ALL may flourish and thrive!
    You’ve got this.

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