Sold ceremony

When we sold our last house…. Mmmm, make that “next to last” house… the children had a blast turning our “For Sale” sign into a “Sold”. When we sold this house, the first thing they said was: “We have to take a picture of the sign flippin’!!” (For those unaware of details such as this one, the “Sold” sign is the flip side of the “For Sale” sign).

And so it goes… 2009

And 2012!




A little froggie had made its home on the sold sign. Are little froggies a good omen?

Who cares if froggies are a good omen? When you’re that cute, you’ve got to be!

Et voilà! Another house sold, with a nod to our long suffering agent, Tanyse MacLoed. (That’s just a joke by the way. Three of our four houses sold in less than a week, this one on the first day of showings. Given the 5% commission, I’d say that’s a pretty good hourly wage. But she’s worth it!)